Für Kinder: Hier geht es zu den „Wer erklärt mir die Welt?“ Webinaren


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START: Friday, 23rd of October 2020, 10:30 UTC+2 // Freitag, 23.10.20, 10:30 Uhr 

Duration//Dauer: 30 Minutes

now available in English:

Die Autorin Saskia Wienholz erklärt im Webinar (auf Englisch) den neuen Bildungsansatz:

What kind of knowledge do we need for being human?

„New“ approach in education: Understanding functionalities and needs of our three entities (BODY, MIND, ENVIRONMENT)

This free webinar by Saskia Wienholz, independently publishing author, will demonstrate what kind of knowledge or training is necessary to be prepared for being human, and to make the most of this live.

Subjects at schools -which often are limited to exlaining information- are valuable as well. BUT (in the sight of the author) ONLY IF there is also training in understanding how the mind works, and what it needs to keep on working. As it is only logic, that only if one understands the mechanisms of the mind – one can make use of it (self-determined).

And then follows the step where teaching (information) subjects start to make sense.

Finally there will be an outlook which areas of social life might benefit from this approach in the long run.

If you don´t find the time to attend please do think about the following by yourself: What knowledge is it, that I would want my children to have? What should I have taught before I die? What exactly is it, that is key to a life that is as happy and healthy as possible?

Thank you.


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